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customized steel solutions

Roll forming

Technology paves the way to profitability


We have advanced technology at our disposal which allows us to produce even complicated solutions with many possible profile cross-sections and very small tolerances. Our advanced facilities enable us to integrate processes like stamping, laser-welding, bevelling, chamfering, cogging, etc., and thus to manufacture a profile in one work cycle which exactly meets our customers' wishes and needs. This reduces the unit price compared to traditional cost-intensive processing of a standard profile.


We undertake roll forming in material thickness of between 0.2 mm and 7.0 mm and in strip widths of between 20 mm and 1000 mm and up to 16 metres in length.




 No. of machines  20
 No. of eccentric-shaft presses  10
 No. of stamping centres  2
 Material thickness, mm  0,25-7,0
 Strip width, mm  20-1.000
 Profile length, mm  150-16.000

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